Wireless Internet Backup Solutions


Hardware Kit includes:

Key Features: 
 3X Ethernet ports

Product Benefits

Easy setup

  • Self installable and pre-configured device (device is pre-programmed with the failover and failback functionality)
  • Simple one-step setup for Wi-Fi settings and SMS notifications on web user interface; advanced setting page available for enhanced functionality (not supported by Bell)

Business continuity

  • Automatically fails over and back within 60 to 90 seconds when wireline ISP is disrupted (when wireline ISP is working again, Wireless Backup will automatically switch over to wireline)

Secure POS transactions

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant device ensures secure debit and credit card transactions



  • SMS notifications when the device enters and exist backup (failover) mode
  • Data usage alerts when data thresholds are reached
 For Plan and Pricing Details please contact 905-671-9339